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SANYO's Mission

Our mission at SANYO is to be an indispensable element in the lives of people all over the world by delivering unique and total sustainable solutions that enhance all lifestyles and industries.
A Pioneer in Energy and Environmental Solutions

Our world today faces unprecedented environmental challenges, requiring us to quickly develop and adopt effective solutions that will allow us to ensure a sustainable planet for future generations.

SANYO is embracing this responsibility by continuing to pioneer cutting-edge energy and environmental technologies, products and solutions, such as its world-leading HIT® solar panels and photovoltaic (PV) systems, eneloop rechargeable batteries and accessories (SANYO is currently the largest supplier of rechargeable batteries in the world), biomedical solutions, energy-efficient cooling and heating systems, eco-friendly electronic devices, and more.

SANYO is also leading the way in the future adoption of alternative energy use by investing in research and development of integrated Smart Energy Systems that combine key solar and rechargeable battery technologies into one highly efficient system. The Smart Energy System serves as an example of local power generation for local consumption (solar panels generate energy, which can be stored in local rechargeable batteries, and then used in local energy-efficient appliances). The company plans to further lead the renewable energy revolution through its partnership with University of California, San Diego (UC San Diego), well known for its sustainable research and use of solar technologies, to collaborate on multi-year, multi-disciplinary projects in the areas of renewable energy and energy storage research, development and education. SANYO will contribute $3 million over three years to fund the collaborative research projects.
Meeting the Ever-Changing Demands of Today's World

Through constant innovation and by continuously working to create a stronger, more expansive organization, SANYO looks forward to meeting the environmental challenges of the world today and tomorrow by delivering innovative and effective solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of businesses and consumers everywhere.
Future Direction of SANYO
Group Overview of Mid-Term Management Plan (FY2008 - FY2010)
Long Term Business Direction of SANYO Electric Group
"Addressing Environmental / energy Problems toward 2020" 


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