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Responsibility determines our actions


Hartmann Codier takes on an active role to ensure that negative influences on the environment from any company activities are kept as small as possible, and to be actively committed to optimizing local, regional and global environmental problems.

  • We also document this with operational targets. We consider the regular review of results to be an integral part of management responsibility. To support this, we undergo internal and external audits.

  • The legally valid requirements here are the minimum requirements.

  • It is our goal to develop products and services so that contamination of the environment is kept as low as possible.

  • We also work with our suppliers and business partners to improve the sustainability of natural resources.

  • Our employees are informed, qualified and motivated, as is appropriate for their tasks in the area of environmental protection. They are under obligation to implement these guidelines and comply with legal and official requirements in the context of their respective responsibility.

  • The implementation of this environmental mission statement is ultimately intended to achieve a continual improvement of environmental management, taking into account environmental aspects.

  • In terms of our environmental protection activities, we are creating and promoting a climate of openness, and we encourage dialog with our employees and business partners.

  • The (ongoing) suitability of environmental policies is reviewed annually in the context of management evaluation.


  • Customer satisfaction

    Each of us knows their internal and external customers, along with their requirements, and tries to comply with these requirements as well as possible.

  • Quality is defined by the customer

    By this we mean not just precision in the technical sense, but also the on schedule, cost-effective and customer-oriented provision of all our services to enhance customer benefits and the success of the company.

  • Personal responsibility

    We are all experts in our particular fields and assume the responsibility for the quality and efficiency of our work.

  • Avoiding and rectifying mistakes

    We strive to achieve perfection and avoid the repetition of errors. We diagnose the source of error and eliminate this.

  • Planning for quality

    Before we start a new project, we make sure that we can do it properly. This means that we minimize risks and produce the required quality.

  • Continuous improvements

    During our work we continually encounter small and large potentials for savings and improvements. We are committed to implementing and realizing these potentials.

  • Openness and trust

    Just as we expect openness and trust, so we behave towards our employees, customers and suppliers in order to achieve our common goals.

  • Achieving objectives

    We set ambitious but achievable goals for our employees and partners, provide the required resources for this and perform a fair evaluation of how the objective is achieved.

  • Quality objectives

    The qualitative and quantitative objectives are defined in the individual department objectives. The company objectives are also defined in the annual target planning.

  • Suitability

    The (ongoing) suitability of quality policies are reviewed annually in the context of management evaluation.

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