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TDK was founded in 1935 as the world's first company to commercialize ferrite, a magnetic material invented in Japan. Starting from this invention that is the origin of our creativity, we have been providing the world with materials and electronic components indispensable for electric and electronic equipment and sophisticated electronics technologies.

The ferrite core, used as a magnetic core for coils, is one of the representative products of TDK which is made with ferrite. The ferrite core is a high-performance standalone electronic component that is also used as a building block in transformers. It serves as a crucial material component, ensuring consistent performance in power supplies and other TDK products. On the technology front, the “materials technology” developed with ferrite as the backbone has further evolved into “process technology” for bringing out the full potential of materials, “evaluation and simulation technology” to accelerate our development and design activities, and “production technology” that supports TDK’s manufacturing. With ferrite as the starting point, the TDK lineup now encompasses a wide range of electronic components and key devices such as inductors (coils), magnets, multilayer ceramic chip capacitors, magnetic heads for hard disk drives, all kinds of sensors and noise countermeasure components, and even power supply units.

Ferrite contributed significantly to the growth of our society in which electronics plays a vital role. Even now, 80 years after the invention, it still spawns various new products and technologies. In recognition of this fact, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) designated the invention by Tokyo Institute of Technology and the efforts of TDK for industrial adaptation of ferrite as an "IEEE Milestone" * in the year 2009.

The spirit of creating entirely new things of value by starting at the fundamental level of the material has defined TDK from the beginning, and it still is the trait that sets our company apart. Drawing on a solid basis of materials technology, TDK further strengthens the technological arsenal and broadens its scope of operations. In addition to our existing focus on information devices, broadband networks, and car electronics, we are also poised to increase our activities in the industrial equipment, environment, and energy sectors.

In our view, the electronics industry is an area where innovation will continue to thrive, leading to further expansion and growth. TDK appreciates the concept of the company's founding that added values of electronic components come from the ability to develop materials. Standing on the global viewpoint and hoping to make our society full of dreams and creating beautiful environment for the earth, TDK will continue to provide new values.


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