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Message from the Chairman

Tradition and Enterprise, Endeavor and Polish, Faith and Trust

Ever since our foundation as a manufacturer of electrolyte capacitors in April 1952, none of the employees at Rubycon have forgotten our stance of maintaining [Enterprise], and by adding [Effort] and [Polish] to this in order to create [Tradition], we have striven hard to ensure that we create products with [Faith] to earn the [Trust] of our customers.
The continued support we have received over the years has ensured that the trademark Rubycon has now penetrated to all corners of the world, and this has enabled us to continue with our limitless development as a main representative of the electronics industry. It is our full intention to break even further ground in the development of technology and create the products that the industry demands, and we will continue into the future with our unbridled challenge to create a better tomorrow.


Message from the President

Creative Origins of Manufacturing New Products as we Head Towards our 60th Anniversary

The Rubycon Group has been engaged in all aspects of the development, production and sales of electronic parts, centered on aluminum electrolyte capacitors, ever since our foundation in 1952, and through the course of this period we have built up a sense of expectation and trust in our customers spread throughout the world.
As we now head toward our 60th anniversary it is our intention to transform into a global ubiquitous company that pays close attention to the urgency of adopting serious measures for conserving the global environment in order to ensure that the entire company forges towards a concept based on returning to the creative origins of manufacturing new products.
All of our employees are deeply aware of the fact that obtaining the trust of our customers and society at large is the most important element of all corporate activities, and we have placed much emphasis on carrying out all of our business processes in good faith with this in mind. We sincerely hope that you will continue to provide us with your unwavering support into the future. 


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